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Bernadette Jiwa says: If you don’t have a story then you are just another product

We have a story.

Our story starts in 1999 when we interest in the deep, fast paced and ever changing field of optometry was first sparked.

In 2009 took a trip to Daejeon in South Korea in order to obtain and bring back the very first lenses that were sold within the Middle East. Between 2009 and 2018 we worked on lens design and quality, during this time he hosted an optician from South Korea to assist in fine tuning the designs of the lenses. In 2018, we  returned to Daejeon to finalise SAMA lenses’ design and productions, then the following year he returned again for a quality control visit. 

As an optician you learn how to fix a pair of glasses and as an optometrist you learn how to design glasses. we  felt that he could add value and knowledge to the world of contact lenses and eye care by combining the knowledge that he gained. This is when the gears started turning to create comfortable and quality lenses.

Designing the perfect lens was the most important and biggest step. We needed a contact lens that was flexible and allowed sufficient oxygen to the eye. Another important factor was comfort. We wanted to design lenses that were not only extremely comfortable but would also withstand the extreme Gulf region climate. The contact lenses would need to face the same conditions that the eye normally gets exposed to such as air conditioning, high temperatures and high humidity. We wanted to somehow resemble the sky: clear and pleasant to look at and as you go about your day you don’t notice that it is there.

And so, our brand name was born: SAMA, Arabic for Sky. 

Ours, is a story of science and creativity coming together. Where the implementation of products design knowledge meets the artistic flair of creativity and elegance. 

Development of SAMA Lenses started in 2012 and was completed by 2014. Thereafter we could start manufacturing our products. We observe the highest level of quality throughout our manufacturing process. 

The process starts with the quality of material we use then from there it is on to the fully computerised and extremely accurate manufacturing process. Then our products go through a sterilization process which ensures that our lenses are sterile. After the sterilization process, our lenses go through our human quality control stage. Within the quality control stage, we have individuals who have been trained that inspect each lens for impurities and make sure that the products comply with the approved international standards. After the quality control stage our products are packaged and stored at specific temperature. From there our lenses are shipped straight to our customers around the world.   

It is a long journey from start to finish but we keep an eye on our products and equipment every step of the way to make sure that every detail is precise, until you can put our lenses on your eye. 

In addition to the quality control stage that happens straight after manufacturing, there is another quality control department. This department continues to draw random samples of already completed products to ensure the products comply with all the specifications. 

We follow all of these steps so that we can promise that with SAMA you get only the best quality.

  • Combined-Shape-2
    2012: Begin product designs
  • Combined-Shape-2
    September 2014: Product designs and tests are completed
  • Combined-Shape-2
    November 2014: KGMP Quality Audit Certification
  • Combined-Shape-2
    February 2015: CE 1023 / ISO 13485 Certification
  • Combined-Shape-2
    May 2015: Transition to a computerized color processing system and establishment of a full color lens mould and an automated product system
  • Combined-Shape-2
    May 2016: SAMA is registered with the Ministry of Health - United Arab Emirates
  • Combined-Shape-2
    January 2017: Addition of the Natural lens collection
  • Combined-Shape-2
    April 2017: Obtained marketing permission from the Omani Ministry of Health
  • Combined-Shape-2
    March 2018: Addition of daily lenses collection
  • Combined-Shape-2
    August 2019: Obtained marketing permission from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health
  • Combined-Shape-2
    April 2019: Addition of the Twilight collection
  • Combined-Shape-2
    September 2019: Obtained the approval from the Saudi Food and Drug Administration


We did the hard work, traveled to gain knowledge and experience, we did all of this so that we can offer you affordable, excellent quality contact lenses and eye care products. Through our gained and applied knowledge you can see the world more clearly.

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Let your eyes tell the story with SAMA lenses.